For more details, please look at the list of abstracts.

Monday 26 March 2018
09:00–09:45Keith JulienAsymptotic Strategies for Modeling Geophysical and Astrophysical Flows
09:45–10:10Emmanuel DormyWeak and Strong Field Dynamos
10:10–10:35Oleg KirillovSingular Diffusionless Limits of Double-Diffusive Instabilities in Magnetohydrodynamics
10:35–11:00Pause café
11:00–11:25Jeffrey WeissQuantifying Spatio-Temporal Patterns in the Climate System and Beyond
11:25–11:50Greg ChiniBaroclinic Acoustic Streaming
11:50–12:15Azam GholamiConvective Instability and Boundary Driven Oscillations in a Reaction-Diffusion-Advection Model
14:30–15:15Alain BergeonLocalized States in Double Diffusive Convection and Related Problems
15:15–15:40Yasumasa NishiuraA Global Bifurcation Approach to the Dynamics of Traveling Pulses with Oscillatory Tails in Heterogeneous Media
15:40–16:10Pause café
16:10–16:35Isabel MercaderBinary Convection in a Slightly Inclined Rectangular Cavity
16:35–17:00Arantxa AlonsoNumerical Study of Novel Time-Dependent Patterns Arising in Inclined Cylindrical Binary Convection
17:00–18:00Poster Session 1
18:00–19:00Welcome reception

Tuesday 27 March 2018
09:00–09:45Jose Manuel VegaAnalyzing Nonlinear Dynamics via Higher Order Dynamic Mode Decomposition
09:45–10:10Joanne MasonFlux Expulsion with Dynamics
10:10–10:35Stefan Llewellyn SmithGeneralizing Point Vortices
10:35–11:00Pause café
11:00–11:25Bérengère DubrulleDissipation, Intermittency and Singularities in Turbulent Flows
11:25–11:50Andrew SowardSpin-Down in a Rapidly Rotating Cylinder Container with Mixed Rigid and Stress Free Boundary Conditions
11:50–12:15Carlos MartelAeromechanic Problems in Turbomachinery
14:30–15:15Dwight BarkleyPatterns and Dynamics in Shear Turbulence
15:15–15:40Francisco MarquesExtensional Channel Flow: a Dynamical Systems Perspective
15:40–16:10Pause café
16:10–16:35Robert EckeRotating Rayleigh–Bénard Convection: From Patterns to Turbulence
16:35–17:00Geoffrey VallisRainy–Bénard Convection
17:00–18:00Poster Session 2

Wednesday 28 March 2018
09:00–09:45Mary SilberTransport and Feedback in Models of Self-Organizing Vegetation Patterns
09:45–10:10Damia GomilaFairy Circles under the Sea
10:10–10:35Michael FieldDynamics of Adaptive Feedforward Networks with Some Feedback
10:35–11:00Pause café
11:00–11:25Michel RieutordModelling Rotating Stars: a Stiff Non-Linear Problem
11:25–11:50Arik YochelisLocalized Turing states embedded in spiral-type Hopf oscillations: A solution to an "old" puzzle
11:50–12:15Pascal ChossatStability of Simple and Pseudo Simple Heteroclinic Cycles in R4

Thursday 29 March 2018
09:00–09:45Björn SandstedeGeometry and Analysis of Localized Structures
09:45–10:10Daniele AvitabileAnalysing Coherent Structures via Interfacial Dynamics: from Spatio-Temporal Canards to Coarse-Grained Computations
10:10–10:35Oleh Omel'chenkoDiscrete Oscillatory Media and Chimera States
10:35–11:00Pause café
11:00–11:25Patrick WeidmanOn the Terminal Motion of Sliding Spinning Disks with Uniform Coulomb Friction
11:25–11:50Leonardo GordilloFluid-Supported Elastic Sheet Under Compression: Multifold Solutions
11:50–12:15Jeff PorterA Coupled Parametrically Forced Oscillator Model of Subharmonic Surface Waves with Application to Vibroequilibria
14:30–15:15Alan ChampneysTuring Bifurcation, Wave Pinning and Localised Pattern, Three Sides of the Same Coin?
15:15–15:40David LloydInvasion Fronts near the Homoclinic Snake
15:40–16:10Pause café
16:10–16:35Jim SwiftSynchrony and Anti-Synchrony for Difference-Coupled Vector Fields on Graph Network Systems
16:35–17:00Eberhard BodenschatzNon Boussinesq Effects in Turbulent Thermal Convection
17:00–18:00Edgar KnoblochPast, Present and Future
18:00–23:59Conference dinner

Friday 30 March 2018
09:00–09:45Uwe ThieleStraightening and Moving the Snake – Localised Clusters in Passive and Active Phase Field Crystal Models
09:45–10:10Tobias SchneiderLocalized Unstable States Control When a Soda Can Buckles
10:10–10:35Jin-Han XieJet Formation in Modified Rayleigh–Bénard Convection
10:35–11:00Pause café
11:00–11:25Joan SànchezBifurcation Tracking Techniques for Bifurcations of Periodic Orbits of Dissipative PDEs
11:25–11:50Miguel Duran-OlivenciaGeneral Framework for Nonequilibrium Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Soft Matter
11:50–12:15Florian KogelbauerThe Relation between Conservative and Nonconservative Nonlinear Normal Modes
13:45–14:30Andrew ArcherPatterns Formed in Soft Matter after a Quench
14:30–14:55Lendert GelensSpatial Waves Organize Cell Division in the Early Frog Embryo
14:55–15:10Pause café
15:10–15:35Shigeru ShinomotoFrom Oscillation to Spiking
15:35–16:00Jeff MoehlisNeural Oscillators: Symmetry, Clusters and Control